Summer 2021 – RecCon

+ : My stuff which remained unchanged since the last year.

Helmet: custom pink helmet by Custom Master
Mask: Beuchat MaxluxS  backup: Oceanic MiniShadow

(+) Regulator: Apeks FSR + XTX200 + XTX50
(+) SPG: Apeks black tek gauge
(+) Hoses: 2,1 + 56

Diving computer: Shearwater Peregrine
(+) Favorite log app: Subsurface by Linus Torwalds

(+) Dry Suit: Hauberk Karacena (+ tde dry gloves)
Rock boots:: Santi

(+) Wing: Custom Master 30lb (fixed some punctures)
(+) Backplate: Halcyon small steel backplate and harness (tde weight system)

(+) Fins: Scubapro JetFins (with dry suit) & Apeks Rk3 (with wet suit)

Compass: Suunto Sk-8 with bungee cord
Torches: nautilus lights (1000 lumen) with goodman handle, backup: noname chinese backup
Camera::  Olympus TG-5

Wet: mares manta shorty 2.2mm & 3mm DeepBlue short boots (warm water only)

Я буду молчать, и смотреть на горизонт,
В ту точку, где земля сходится с небом.
Все меняется, все течет, но одно,
Навсегда останется неизменным.

Flëur – Горизонт

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